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messages in updating my config.scm

From: Gottfried
Subject: messages in updating my config.scm
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2022 16:40:32 +0000

Hi Guixers,
when doing a

sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm

it gives me two messages:

/etc/config.scm:49:14: Warnung: the 'target' field is deprecated, please use 'targets' instead /etc/config.scm:8:0: Warnung: Elemente der Liste im Feld „swap-devices“ sollten nun über das Verbundsobjekt <swap-space> definiert werden, denn die alte Methode ist veraltet. Siehe "(„operating-system“-Referenz" für mehr Informationen.

Do I understand it right,
that instead of "target" I should change it into "targets" in:

      (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
      (target "/boot/efi")

instead of "swap-devices"

    (list (uuid "51d5cd20-4513-4a02-9e35-df4338eccaa0")))

I should change into:
in my config.scm file?


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