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Re: EFISTUB using UEFI directly with efibootmgr

From: yuu
Subject: Re: EFISTUB using UEFI directly with efibootmgr
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 21:16:31 -0300

On Fri, Jul 29 2022 at 09:01:51 +00:00:00, Yuu Yin <> wrote:
Is it possible to set EFISTUB using UEFI directly with efibootmgr[1]? What to set for `--loader` (the vmlinux/vmlinuz)? and `initrd=`?

efibootmgr --help | grep loader
-l | --loader name     (defaults to "\EFI\gnu\grub.efi")

Ansers I got from
> <unmatched-paren>it's probably required, since guix remakes the grub.cfg every reconfigure > <unmatched-paren>to add a menu entry to rollback to the previous generation > <nckx>It's also 'cross-platform', and doesn't require copying the kernel.
> <unmatched-paren>and guix reinstalls grub on every reconfigure
> <nckx>(By default.)
> <unmatched-paren>Oh, yeah, I forgot it was possible to switch the bootloader in the operating-system. > <unmatched-paren>Okay, then, I suppose it might be possible to add support for efibootmgr?
> <unmatched-paren>sorry, efistub
> <nckx>If somebody contributes patches for UEFI rootki^Wboot support, sure, but it's hardly a killer feature otherwise.
> <nckx>Don't forget to add EFI_STUB to our kernels if so.
> ---

Yuu Yin

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