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I express my gratitude

From: Gottfried
Subject: I express my gratitude
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 12:13:09 +0000

Hi Ludo and all Guixers,

Personally I think we need to make Guix approachable to a wide audience,
meaning not just developers—that goes beyond your target audience, let’s
be ambitious!  I’d like to think that ‘guix install’, ‘guix shell’, and
the likes have a rather low barrier to entry to someone who’s use the
command line before, but I’ve also seen newcomers confused because
“environment variables are hard” and get in the way.

Are there any takeaways from your experience in terms of UX/UI
improvements we could work on?


I am very thankful that I can use Guix System as a non-developer but a simple user of the GNU operating system.

I do not hesitate to ask basic questions, even under the level of basics, not being ashamed of my little knowledge, but ready to learn through the experience and knowledge of all Guixers.

So I want to point out my thankfulness that I can use "the GNU System",
through the very helpful Guixers, who take time to help.
I didn't experience any accusations/approaches/allegations.
So many Guixers were ready to help and came down to my low level of knowledge.
With great patience they have carried me over the last 6 month.
There were no rude/unkind words or showing up my little knowledge but always a helpful attitude visible.

This makes the Guixers a great community, an example for the world.
The attitude and relationship to people is even more important than all our work we do, even if it's hard work.

This is the foundation for new people, who decide to try Guix.


The only problem that is still unsolved is
that I can't get my scanner work.

Even after installing "hplip" and through the help of Guixers
to add the necessary commands in my config.scm
it doesn't work.

"hplip" doesn't appear anywhere, so I can't open it and to choose a scanner.

Probably no Guixer has a HP printer/scanner all in one,
so nobody was able to help me.

I don't know if there is a bug in "hplip".
May be somebody can check the package.
Or any other problem that hplip doesn't appear in my MATE Desktop.


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