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Re: managing waiting patches

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: managing waiting patches
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2022 21:45:37 +0200
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Nicolas Graves <> skribis:

> Is there a requirement to help with patch reviewing? I feel I can tackle
> python or rust packages unless they are weird, I need not to spend too
> much time on that, but if it's just advising new beginners (I'm myself
> a 9 month old Guix user but went cold turkey on my main machine, while
> my first patches were a nightmare, now I hope/believe they are quite
> clean) or trying to patch and build locally for <1h a day, with
> proper guidelines I might be able to help here.

Your help reviewing would be much welcome.

Currently there’s no strict “requirement” to help with patch review, but
the manual reads this (info "(guix) Commit Access"):

  One last thing: the project keeps moving forward because committers not
  only push their own awesome changes, but also offer some of their time
  _reviewing_ and pushing other people’s changes.  As a committer, you’re
  welcome to use your expertise and commit rights to help other
  contributors, too!

That hasn’t had the desired effect though—still too few reviewers among
the ~40 committers.  I’m not opposed to discussing whether to turn it
into a “requirement”.  A hot topic for those of us who’ll be in Paris


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