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Update of packages in gnome.scm

From: phodina
Subject: Update of packages in gnome.scm
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 20:39:05 +0000


I've been working on updating and linting packages in the gnome.scm.

The aim was to update the Gnome shell to recent version and fix the issues 
listed in the linter.

I don't want to push the patches yet as they are not finished.

However, I wanted to announce there's git branch with WIP update of Gnome [1].

I just have question how to use the guix graph​ command in order to produce a 
linear list of dependencies.

The issue is following. I've modified the packages in let's say linear order 
top to bottom of the file.

This results in multiple rebuilds. How can I minimize the number of rebuilds? 
I'll then rebase the git commits based on the order of dependencies.

Also based on the updated review process I should add the persons from 
/etc/teams.scm, right?

Who should be the best candidates? There's no label such as gui, desktop, gnome 



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