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Re: Problems with tracker-miners(?)

From: Luis Felipe
Subject: Re: Problems with tracker-miners(?)
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 13:20:09 +0000

Hi Trev,

I'm using Guix System (guix 77e768a), which comes with GNOME 42.4.

On Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 at 04:57, Trev <> wrote:

> Hey Guix,

> Please forgive my ignorance here. I am not fully with it in terms of
> how GNOME works.

> It seems to me that many aspects of GNOME are just broken since the day
> I installed it with my Guix System. More specifically, those that might
> be related to tracker-miners.

That's my experience too, although some things have improved.

> A few immediate examples are gnome-music, totem and gnome-photos.
> None of these are able to find/use my media.

In my case, only gnome-photos lists images from my ~/Images folder (and only 
that folder). Totem and gnome-music display a blank view. Music and Photos seem 
to be useless without autodiscovery because they don't seem to have any button 
to load media manually (or at least I can't find it).

> A different, probably unrelated issue is that Nautilus doesn't show any
> thumbnails.

This one has a corresponding bug report that I see you already found 

> Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you all

Unfortunately I don't know how to fix that myself.

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