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Re: lock files

From: Dominic Martinez
Subject: Re: lock files
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2022 22:20:06 -0400

jgart <> writes:

> Does Guix have a concept of lock files?

In Guix, instead of locking specific packages, you lock an entire Guix
installation. You can see the "lock" for your current installation with
the 'guix describe' command.

This has the benefit of not only locking the packages you use, but Guix
itself. As long as you're going back to a version of Guix post version
1 and all the source code is available, you can guarantee with
reasonable certainty that your entire environment is the same.

Instead of this locking happening automatically when you run commands in
a directory, you use the 'guix time-machine' command to run the Guix
defined by a lock file.

The Guix manual goes into more detail about how to use these features.

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