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Re: locales do not work

From: two
Subject: Re: locales do not work
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2022 20:58:05 -0000
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Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:
> writes:
>&gt; i am using guix on debian (installed with the installer from apt)
>&gt; the trouble is that some programs don&#x27;t translate or can&#x27;t 
>handle filenames containing unicode and guix prints this warning:
>&gt;&gt;hint: Consider installing the `glibc-locales&#x27; package and defining
>&gt;&gt;`GUIX_LOCPATH&#x27;, along these lines:
>&gt;&gt;     guix install glibc-locales
>&gt;&gt;     export GUIX_LOCPATH=&quot;$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale&quot;
>&gt; even thought i have installed this (and added the letter line to my 
>.profile) the problem persists.
>&gt; $GUIX_LOCPATH is indeed accessible:
>&gt;&gt;$ ls $GUIX_LOCPATH/2.33/$LANG/
>Are the programs in question linked with glibc 2.33 or have they been
>installed with an old version of Guix that came with an earlier version?
>What’s your locale?

they are either invoked from guix shell or updated with guix upgrade.
my locale is uk_UA.UTF-8
thank you in advance!

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