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Wayland Functionality for Jami

From: Wamm K . D .
Subject: Wayland Functionality for Jami
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 15:52:45 -0500
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The Jami available in the repo.s, currently, causes an error about the
Wayland plugin for QT not being available.

While some app.s don't require this to be bundled with the app. –
apparently (I run into similar errors for Qutebrowser but installing
QTWayland fixes the issue) –, Jami does.

Building the package definition in the repo. exactly as is but with
QTWayland added as an additional ~input~ causes Jami to be able to be
used under Wayland perfectly.

So my question is, what would be the best means of updating this
package? Should QTWayland just get added to the ~inputs~, even for
users who aren't running Wayland? Or would it make sense to just
create a second Jami package definition (called =jami-wayland= or
something) that ~inherit~s the original Jami package and just adds
QTWayland to the ~inputs~? Or a third option?

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