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Re: Dual booting

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: Dual booting
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 17:51:33 -0400

July 28, 2022 10:04 AM, "Paul Jewell via" <> wrote:

> Could anyone please share a working configuration for dual booting windows 
> and guix? I have to use
> windows for work, but use Linux for everything else. I want to put guix on my 
> work laptop so I can
> stick with Linux when travelling (I am self employed, so there are no IT 
> restrictions on my
> system). I have the necessary skills to put another Linux distribution on, 
> but I want to use my
> spare time in the evenings when travelling to work on guix. Looking at the 
> bootloader information
> in the documentation, it seems that chainloader is not available as an option.

DISCLAIMER: I don't personally use any Windows software, nor do I mean
            to advocate for its use on this mailing list. However, the
            following recommendations should be sufficiently generic to
            apply to any hosted OS that a user wants to install.

Have you considered just installing Guix System as your main OS and then
running Windows in a virtual machine? That way you don't need to reboot
your computer to run non-Linux applications, and you don't have to ever
let Windows out of its little sandbox.

Guix provides numerous options when it comes to setting up virtual
machines. Here are some of the main contenders:

- virt-manager (uses libvirt-service-type)
- qemu
- ganeti
- xen
- bochs

Have fun and happy hacking!

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