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Re: program prepared with `guix pack` unusable by end users

From: (
Subject: Re: program prepared with `guix pack` unusable by end users
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 09:26:32 +0100


On Thu Oct 13, 2022 at 8:17 AM BST, Wojtek Kosior via wrote:
> > guix environment -L . -e '(@ (hydrilla) hydrilla)' -- python3 -m build -s
> > guix pack -L . -RR \
> >     -S /hydrilla=bin/hydrilla \
> >     -S /hydrilla-builder=bin/hydrilla-builder \
> >     -S /hydrilla-server=bin/hydrilla-server \
> >     -S /haketilo=bin/haketilo \
> >     -e '(@ (hydrilla) hydrilla-dist-tarball)'

I don't think this is an optimal way to use ``guix pack''. Surely this pack
won't contain the Python modules that the script needs to import...?

Have you tried

  guix  pack -RL. hydrilla

? Note that you don't actually need to use ``-e'', as the UI finds packages
by scanning all the modules in the load path for public variables containing
<package> objects.

Also, ``guix environment'' has been deprecated for a while now; consider using
``guix shell'':

  guix environment -L. hydrilla
  # becomes
  guix shell -DL. hydrilla

(``-D'' means "use the dependencies of the next listed package", as ``--ad-hoc''
is the default behaviour of ``guix shell''.)

    -- (

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