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Re: program prepared with `guix pack` unusable by end users

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: program prepared with `guix pack` unusable by end users
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 18:20:27 +0200

Hi Simon, thanks for your response

> Is it related to the message [1] you are answering?
> 1: <>
> If no, please start a new thread when it is a new topic. :-)

It took me a couple of minutes to understand what you're talking about. Indeed, 
instead of copy-pasting the <> address I clicked "Reply" on 
some random email from Guix mailing list and changed the subject. For years 
I've been certain that messages are categorized into threads by their subject. 
Now, as you wrote this, I assume there must be some thread meta-data that is 
invisibly sent by our user agents when we use "Reply" or "Reply all".

Who would have thought? In the past, when I saw email software nicely present 
thread emails as a tree of responses, I was thinking "wow, this program must be 
using some really successful heuristic for determining what is the response to 
what". Lol

Doing as you requested. Although this is suboptimal as well since now
the topic is split between 2 threads :/

> Why do you pack ’hydrilla-dist-tarball’ instead of just ’hydrilla’.
> Guix should take care of everything; not necessary when packing a
> Python bundle as you are doing.

It's ok, `hydrilla-dist-tarball` refers to a package that is built in
the package in the normal Guix way. The name just indicates that
tarball generated under `./dist/` is used instead of the project file
tree. If you're curious, I explain the crazy details in my previous
email response to "(".

It sometimes happens that to keep my message concise I write what seems
to be the most important and attach links to other stuff that the
reader can look at to understand everything. Here that "stuff" was the
project repo which contains hydrilla.scm with both package definitions.

And most of the time I learn that I failed to be clear enough and that
people don't have time to read my links. Well, I'm sorry for the
confusion. Although I'm starting to lose hope that I will learn to
communicate with ppl online without so many misunderstandings :/

The hydrilla.scm that I was loading with `-L .` is now attached. Is
there anything wrong in it?


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