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Re: Python subprocess fails to execute Pip-installed module

From: Pradana Adrinusa AUMARS
Subject: Re: Python subprocess fails to execute Pip-installed module
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2022 20:53:17 +0200

Thank you for the explanation, Ricardo,

Thank you for the explanation Tobias,

I tried a simple solution by finding where my "ld" is located with
"whereis" and a symbolic link to "/lib64/".

Unfortunately, I get an Error 80 which means it used a corrupted shared

I think it's better to package Ray natively into Guix, but it's time-
consuming since Ray is not a simple Python package. I was hoping for a
temporary solution, but I don't think I can find one. I'll try to use
another machine to make this project run.

Thank you anyways.

Le dimanche 16 octobre 2022 à 17:50 +0200, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice a
écrit :
> Hi Pradana,
> Pradana Adrinusa AUMARS 写道:
> > dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/, for
> And this file doesn't exist.
> Prebuilt binary blobs don't mix well with Guix for this reason: 
> they hard-code file names such as this one.
> One (brand-)new work-around is
>   $ guix shell -CF [PACKAGE…] [-- your command line]
> E.g.,
>   $ guix shell -CF -- ./hello # random binary downloaded from 
>   Debian
>   Hello, world!
> which creates a virtual, backwards-compatible directory layout 
> within the container.
> This is a (glorious) hack, but it's no substitute for proper Guix 
> packaging!
> > outputs that bash cannot find this file.
> That error is criminally misleading.  ‘A’ file, but not ‘this’ 
> file.  :-/
> Kind regards,
> T G-R

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