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Ibus does not work with GTK 4 applications (?)

From: Luis Felipe
Subject: Ibus does not work with GTK 4 applications (?)
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 20:46:31 +0000


I stumbled upon this issue when migrating an application from GTK+ to GTK 4 on 
a Guix System (77e768a) with ibus set up. Input methods didn't work in the GTK 
4 GUI while they worked fine¹ in the GTK+ 3 GUI.

Looking at my ~/.profile file, I see that I export some variables to work 
around the known ibus issue (


The above is missing a corresponding variable for GTK4. But I couldn't figure 
it out because I can't find any a corresponding "immodules-gtk4".

I also checked GNOME applications that already migrated to GTK 4 or libadwaita, 
and couldn't use my input methods there either (e.g. gnome-music, 
gnome-calendar). Something to note about this applications is that they are 
pretty much unusable right now, but I don't know if that's related to the ibus 

Anyone knows anything about this? I wonder if there is some setting missing in 
Guix System regarding GTK 4 for this to work...

1. I say ibus works fine in GTK+ apps, but not quite. Everytime I reboot, I 
have to "ibus-daemon -dr" to make it work (but that's another story, or is it?).

Luis Felipe López Acevedo

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