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Re: How to avoid downloading qtbase:debug

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: How to avoid downloading qtbase:debug
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 17:28:03 +0200


kiasoc5 写道:
=guix shell qtbase= downloads the entire debug output of qtbase even though I didn't write down qtbase:debug. That's hundreds of megabytes of bandwith I didn't want to use. How do I avoid downloading the debug

If this is what I suspect it is, the only way would be ‘guix shell --no-grafts’. This will disable any security fixes that haven't yet made it to master.

I don't recommend it, beyond testing it to see if grafts are indeed to blame, and perhaps narrowing down how.

Is this a bug?

If it is due to grafting, it's a long-time known annoyance, yes. I searched (twice) to find a specific open bug report to give you, but found nothing.

(Almost certainly a failure on my part; don't open a new one ;-)

I say annoyance because it's nothing more for most people, but if bandwidth is a serious issue for you the best way to see it fixed is to dig in.

Csepp 写道:
guix shell always downloads every output of all the packages.

All generalisations are false, as they say:

~ λ guix shell qtbase
19.4 MB will be downloaded
qtbase-6.3.1  18.5MiB …
𝕘 qtbase ~ λ exit

~ λ guix shell qtbase:debug
321.6 MB will be downloaded
qtbase-6.3.1-debug  288.2MiB …
𝕘 qtbase:debug ~ λ exit

Kind regards,


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