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Re : Re: no C_INCLUDE_PATH env variable defined : I can't compile C appl

From: Mohamed Amine LEGHERABA
Subject: Re : Re: no C_INCLUDE_PATH env variable defined : I can't compile C applications
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2022 01:42:20 +0000

Thanks Ricardo for your answer.

Sorry if my message was not clear,
I don't have the env variable C_INCLUDE_PATH in my guix system and I should 
have it because I have the packages "gcc-toolchain" and "linux-libre-headers" 
in my home profile.
When I run a instance of guix shell with these 2 packages, for example with the 
command "guix shell gcc-toolchain linux-libre-headers" I do have this env 
variable defined (in fact a guix shell with only gcc-toolchain works also) so I 
don't know why I don't have this variable defined in my system.

------- Original Message -------
Le dimanche 23 octobre 2022 à 11:48 PM, Ricardo Wurmus <> a 
écrit :

> Mohamed Amine LEGHERABA via writes:
> > When I do "echo $C_INCLUDE_PATH" in my bash prompt (either my account or 
> > root), I have nothing.
> > 
> > When I run a custom guix shell (with gcc-toolchain) and I run "echo 
> > I have "/gnu/store/1p21dbv408cb45zcc15v7wj0q7x99rz2-profile/include"
> > 
> > Without this env variable, C programs can't use "linux/limits.h" or
> > other kernel related libraries. Any idea how to solve this problem ?
> You say that “guix shell” sets the variable as expected. Its value
> depends on the packages you add to the “guix shell” invocation.
> You can also augment it manually to add whatever include directories you
> need.
> --
> Ricardo

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