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SCSH libraries search path

From: Tom Willemse
Subject: SCSH libraries search path
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 00:18:50 -0700

Hey Guix \o/

I've been wanting to package one of my little scripts in Guix Home and
it uses a little library I wrote for SCSH. I've been looking at how
Search Paths work and I'm having trouble figuring out how to make this

Search paths seem easy enough generally, I was able to add a simple
addition to my configuration by just adding this to the scsh package

     (list (search-path-specification
            (variable "SCSH_LIB_DIRS")
            (files '("share/scsh/site")))))

This successfully adds something along the lines of the following to my
profile when I package my library:


The only problem here is that the SCSH_LIB_DIRS needs to be a space-separated
list of strings instead of the usualy colon-separated list of strings.
With the value `#f' denoting where to put the compiled default lib dir.

For example in my manual (pre-Guix Home) configuration I have this:

    export SCSH_LIB_DIRS="#f \"${HOME}/usr/share/scsh/\""

To add `~/usr/share/scsh' to the places where SCSH looks for libraries
(or packages as I guess scheme48 and scsh call them?).

Unfortunately I can't remember how I found out about `SCSH_LIB_DIRS' and
I can't find any reference to it in the manual at the moment.

I looked at the `<search-path-specification>', `evaluate-search-paths',
and `environment-variable-definition' source, but I think there need to
be some changes made in `search-paths.scm' for this to be supported? I
can't do it in my own configuration? If there is a way to do this
already I would really appreciate a hint as how to do it, otherwise I'll
have to see if I can add this support there, if nobody objects. I will
probably need some help with this in that case.

In case it helps, here is my little script and the library it uses: apologies for
the messy UI, I'm still working on updating my CGit stylesheets and as
you can probably also tell I'm not a designer.

Hopefully this all makes sense :)

Thanks for your time!



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