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Re: Understanding config.scm Modules

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: Understanding config.scm Modules
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2023 15:07:52 +0100


Thanks for your feedback.

No answer to your questions means “I do not know” or “Something is indeed
missing on Guix side”.

On jeu., 02 févr. 2023 at 19:02, "" <> 

> 2) For example, what is the purpose of "use-modules",
> "use-service-modules", and "use-package-modules"?

use-modules is from Guile

The others are Guix specific.

> 4) Where does the manual list the modules and module options for quick
> reference?

I do not understand this question but I guess it is because the question

> 5) Are there other "modules" types not listed in these examples?

Nothing I am aware.

> 6) Why does the "use-modules" line always include another element or
> elements in parenthesis "( )" when the "use-service-modules" and
> "use-packages-modules" lines do not?


    (use-modules (guix)
                 (gnu packages base))

loads the modules named (guix) and named (gnu packages base).  See #2.

Since all the packages are defined in modules (gnu packages FOO) then it
is very common to write (gnu packages emacs-xyz) or (gnu packages
bioconductor) or etc. then ’use-package-modules’ provides a shortcut;
other said,

    (use-package-modules emacs-xyz bioconductor)

is equivalent to:

    (use-modules (gnu packages emacs-xyz)
                 (gnu packages bioconductor))

> Finally, I have invested over 40 hours reading the manual and other
> supporting material.  So, for the "RTM" crowd, I think that time
> investment reflects a commitment to learn and understand the Guix
> system. Accordingly, I look forward to hearing from those that can
> "fill in the gaps" missing from the manual or direct me to the
> specific resources necessary for me to comprehend what I don't
> understand.  And as a new Guix user, I am more than willing to
> contribute by assisting those working to improve the documentation.  A
> noob to help noobs, if you will indulge the thought.

Thanks for your effort and perseverance!  Your feedback is very valuable
and I hope that it could help in improving the manual by connecting some
missing dots.


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