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Re: 3D print enthusiasts

From: Christian Gelinek
Subject: Re: 3D print enthusiasts
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 02:45:35 +0000


On 9/2/23 13:25, Andreas Enge wrote:

Personally I moved to cura, which as far as I can tell is broken in Guix.
There are no definitions of printing materials, and I am not able to add
any by hand.

I just bumped into the same issue. I also started using Cura a while ago (before switched from Ubuntu to Guix) because - not really calling myself a 3D printing "enthusiast" but rather "occasional hobbyist" - I found it somewhat easy to use.

Maybe it is trying to write things into the store? It should
be possible to add the missing data during the build, I would like to have
a look soon.

That would be awesome. Meanwhile it might also be possible to use the AppImage package (which I used that under Ubuntu previously) under `guix shell --emulate-fhs` if you're desperate, but I' haven't tried that yet.

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