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Re: Examples of local-host-entries or hosts-service-type?

From: Remco van 't Veer
Subject: Re: Examples of local-host-entries or hosts-service-type?
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 10:34:57 +0100
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Hi Sergiu,

2023/02/13 11:49, Sergiu Ivanov:

> Actually, where did you get local-host-entries from?  The documentation
> page you and Bruno cite doesn't seem to ever mention this function :O
> Unless I am looking at some old version of the docs.

To be honest, I did not know about local-host-entries before your email
and thought it would allow me to cleanup my own (operating-system
.. (hosts-file (plain-file .. (string-append ..) mess.  So I did some
digging in the guix source and found some references in gnu/system.scm.

>> Also, I agree the documentation needs some love here.
> I am willing to contribute.  What would be the best place to do changes
> to the documentation?


> I would follow this mini-roadmap:
> 1. Add the explanation of local-host-entries to
> 2. Say here
>    that hosts-file is deprecated.
> 3. Update the examples here to use hosts-service-type instead of
>    hosts-file:
> What do you think?

Sounds like a plan to me.  Note: all the above is part of doc/guix.texi,
I think.

> I've never submitted a patch to Guix docs before, so all suggestions and
> hints are welcome :-)

Me neither (apart from a typo I found in the Service Reference section
during grepping for examples).  I don't have a clue about how
translations are kept in sync.  Maybe just go for it and collect some
feedback with a patch.


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