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Coreboot,T440P & GUIX installer

From: jerome moliere
Subject: Coreboot,T440P & GUIX installer
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 12:14:40 +0100

Hi all,
I just bought a refurbished machine (T440P) with Coreboot to run a fully
open source experience...
Experience is not so good for the moment, because I am stuck in the third
or fourth screen of the GUIX installer during network detection.
My laptop has an atheros wifi  chipset  supported for a long time by the
Linux kernel (no proprietary firmware)... This wifi chipset is recognized
but activating it fails during ESSID pairing (bad password)...
T440P has an ethernet connector, ethernet card is recognized too , the card
works on console during installation (ip a shows correct information, ping
works nicely inside my LAN or for public domains)  but network step finish
with RED screen saying my network is unable to provide access to
substitutes  (git repos for GUIX ?) while github is resolved in console...

I have tried to restart the network services, to play with conmanctl to
restart services, rescan... But it always fails!!!

I wondered if someone runs Coreboot with GUIX ? The machine is quite old so
all hardware is recognized, wifi chipset is compliant with free software,
so it should work nicely ..And I can't think that installer has a so big
bug (it should prevent many people from installing Guix)..

I have tried the 1.4 iso & the system crafter latest build but same

Have you any idea...
thanks for sharing

J.MOLIERE - Mentor/J

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