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attempt to scan in Guix

From: Gottfried
Subject: attempt to scan in Guix
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 14:09:15 +0000


I can’t scan with my HP OfficeJet printer all-in-one in Guix.

When opening the "Enlightenment Desktop"
it gives me this message after trying to scan:

/gnu/store/sw1j2kavizxwj7sc51p83nwrfdvm6xj4-hplip-3.33.10/bin/hp-toolbox was broken due to a segmentation error.

in German:
/gnu/store/sw1j2kavizxwj7sc51p83nwrfdvm6xj4-hplip-3.33.10/bin/hp-toolbox wurde durch einen Segmentierungsfehler unterbrochen.

When I want to open the program "HP Device Manager" through klicking in my Start Menu it flashes for a quarter of a second (it wants to open) and shows something (but too short to see what), but than it dissapears.

Could it be a hplip problem?

Any thoughts?

Kind regards


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