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Minimal working examples of packages for experimentation?

From: Rodrigo Morales
Subject: Minimal working examples of packages for experimentation?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 14:26:36 -0500

Table of Contents

1. The context
2. What I've tried
3. What I'm looking for

1 The context

  I'm trying to write the simplest package definition that does nothing
  in order to be able to generate multiple generations on the fly and
  experiment with the `guix package' flags that act on generations.

  I asked the same question in <irc://> and someone
  recommended me using the `my-hello' package shown as an example in
  (guix-cookbook) GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH. I replied to him that I didn't want
  to use that definition because it downloads a file and performs some
  compilation steps and I was looking for something simpler. The same
  user replied "you could copy the sources to a local directory, and
  edit the file description so it's url-fetch method and the uri is the
  absolute path to where the pkg is.". I haven't found examples on this,
  so I thought it would be difficult to do it.

  I found several examples on using `url-fetch', so I decided to write a
  package that downloads a single small file from the Internet
  (e.g. <> )
  and install it under a directory. This is what I tried to write but
  with no avail. The next section shows what I tried.

2 What I've tried

  The following is the package that I wrote.

  | (define-module (my-simple)
  |   #:use-module (guix licenses)
  |   #:use-module (guix packages)
  |   #:use-module (guix gexp)
  |   #:use-module (guix build-system trivial)
  |   #:use-module (guix download))
  | (define-public my-simple-1
  |   (package
  |    (name "my-simple-1")
  |    (version "2.10")
  |    (source (origin
  |             (method url-fetch)
  |             (uri "";)
  |             (sha256 (base32
  |    (build-system trivial-build-system)
  |    (synopsis "My synopsis")
  |    (description "My description")
  |    (home-page "";)
  |    (license gpl3+)))

  If I try to install the package I get the following
  error. Fortunately, it shows that there's a build log.

  | export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/my-packages
  | guix package -i my-simple-1
  | echo Exit code: $?

  | The following package will be installed:
  |    my-simple-1 2.10
  | substitute:
substitute: [Kupdating substitutes from ''...   0.0%
substitute: [Kupdating substitutes from ''... 100.0%
  | substitute:
substitute: [Kupdating substitutes from ''...
substitute: [Kupdating substitutes from ''...
  | The following derivations will be built:
  |   /gnu/store/lsqc0zjvqmnc8vbkk36g9jy5bcnmk455-profile.drv
  |   /gnu/store/a1cxm06cdacqry9x0c14pnb4s491b6z9-my-simple-1-2.10.drv
  | building
  | builder for
`/gnu/store/a1cxm06cdacqry9x0c14pnb4s491b6z9-my-simple-1-2.10.drv' failed
to produce output path
  | build of
/gnu/store/a1cxm06cdacqry9x0c14pnb4s491b6z9-my-simple-1-2.10.drv failed
  | View build log at
  | cannot build derivation
`/gnu/store/lsqc0zjvqmnc8vbkk36g9jy5bcnmk455-profile.drv': 1 dependencies
couldn't be built
  | guix package: error: build of
`/gnu/store/lsqc0zjvqmnc8vbkk36g9jy5bcnmk455-profile.drv' failed
  | Exit code: 1

  When I try to read the log file, it is empty.

  | echo 'foo'
  | zcat
  | echo 'bar'

  | foo
  | bar

3 What I'm looking for

  1. Why the package that I wrote failing? How could I fix it?
  2. Do you know simpler package definitions (aka minimal working
     examples) that I could use for experimenting?

  (This is an example of [The XY problem], question 1 is X, question 2
  is Y)

[The XY problem] <>

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