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Re: installation on LVM on LUKS

From: Emmanuel Beffara
Subject: Re: installation on LVM on LUKS
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2023 18:03:39 +0100

Hi Roman,

Thanks for the suggestions.

De Roman Scherer le 03/03/2023 à 16:05:
> did you add the cryptsetup-static and lvm2-static packages to the
> packages field of your operating system?

I had not, but I just tried adding them and nothing changed.

> Apart from that, I think you also need to add the dm-crypt module to the
> initrd-modules field of the of the operating system.

Unless I am missing something, tinkering with initrd modules has nothing to do
with my issue. The missing “insmod lvm” is in grub.cfg, it is related to Grub
modules, not kernel modules. The required modules for Grub are properly
installed in /boot/grub (I mount the EFI partition as /boot), it is just that
the generated configuration file does not load enough of them.

> I'm not sure about your other question, but from what I understand the
> reason why the kernel and the initrd live in the store and not in the
> EFI partition might be that you actually would need to put the kernel
> and the initrd for *each* system generation onto the EFI partition, so
> you can boot different system generations. And that would fill up the
> EFI partition pretty quickly.

Indeed, it would require some space, but it would solve the double-passphrase
issue, among other things.

Besides, storing kernels and initrds in the EFI boot partition is how NixOS
proceeds on my system (although it is set up to use systemd-boot and not Grub,
in case it makes a difference). Filling up the EFI partition has never been a
problem in a few years of use, because the partition is large enough to hold a
few generations (512Mib) and I drop old generations often (as soon as the last
one is checked to be functional, essentially).


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