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Re: Help packaging R Quarto Cli

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: Help packaging R Quarto Cli
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 19:03:17 +0100

> Hi,
> Some news about *Quarto* Packaging :


It's amazing to still see you pushing this forward ^^

> ## Packaging Quarto
> After running ./ i get the next step from conda recipe 
> (
> Conda recipe generate a standalone bundle (a ./quarto (sh) and a 
> ./quarto.js) by using this shell script : 
> As you could see in the code, quarto-bld run Deno with some options, one 
> refer to some .json, that contain lot of thing to download into 
> /vendors. But it seems this part is not activated if the 
> QUARTO_VENDOR_BINARIES env is set to false.
> (A) / quarto-bld update-html-dependencies
> (B) / quarto-bld prepare-dist
> The A step call this thing 
> (
> that download and patch some file into the project.
> So, A is a problem, and i need to patch this typescript file to give 
> directly the file without downloading it from internet.
> *How could i create an archive that contain already these different 
> files to my quarto build ? *
> *Do you think building a git repo with all of them is a good idea ?* 
> Even if these files are linked to multiple sources :; 
> ; 
> ; 

What I'd do is make each of those into a distinct package or even
better — obtain the remote files by creating and then ungexp'ing an
(origin) object for each of them.

To clarify what I mean, let's look at how the `gnome-recipes` packaging
resolves the problem of pulling multiple sources for the build[1].

After so much work on Quatro you're probably already such a guile guru
that no further explanation is needed here :)

> If i download these file by running manually (A) in /tmp after a fail 
> build, the (B) command build a working "./quarto --help" and "./quarto 
> check" command, so end is near \o/

Great! Good luck again :)



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