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Re: Setting link file permission in home-files-service-type

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: Setting link file permission in home-files-service-type
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 10:15:40 -0400

c4droid <> writes:

> I'm changing my mailing workflow from fetchmail + procmail + msmtp +
> mutt to fdm + msmtp + mutt, configuration file is already prepared, the
> fdm and msmtp configuration file need 600 permission, guix home
> home-files-service-type give 644 default, have workaround for when
> symlinking change permission for target file.
> My home.scm configuration cut:
> ``` scheme
> (home-environment
>  (services
>   (list
>    (service home-files-service-type
>             `((".fdm.conf" ,(local-file "dotfiles/fdm.conf"))
>               (".msmtprc" ,(local-file "dotfiles/msmtprc")))))))
> ```

As mentioned on another thread recently, you need to pass the
`#:recursive? #t` option to `local-file` if you want to preserve your
file permissions.

``` scheme
   (service home-files-service-type
            `((".fdm.conf" ,(local-file "dotfiles/fdm.conf" #:recursive? #t))
              (".msmtprc" ,(local-file "dotfiles/msmtprc" #:recursive? #t)))))))

Happy hacking!

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