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Re: Strange error when adding module gnu/packages/engineering

From: Reza Housseini
Subject: Re: Strange error when adding module gnu/packages/engineering
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 21:36:27 +0100
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Thinking more about it, since this a new module, there shouldn't be any
recursive dependency problem.

Probably you are missing some #:use-module at the top of your new
module.  I'd start minimal and see what works, and evaluate the package
at the REPL for more accurate messages perhaps.

I could boil it down a bit: when commenting out `#:use-module (gnu packages commencement)` in gnu/packages/engineering.scm the error vanishes but the freehdl package in module engineering does not build anymore (due to gcc-toolchain missing).
Is there a cycle inside module commencement? Seems really strange to me?

Reza Housseini

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