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Re: bug#56556: texlive-babel-dutch with and without texlive-hyphen-dutch

From: Emmanuel Beffara
Subject: Re: bug#56556: texlive-babel-dutch with and without texlive-hyphen-dutch: No hyphenation patterns were preloaded
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2023 12:47:21 +0200


De Ludovic Courtès le 07/04/2023 à 12:33:
> > I don't really know how we could fix this: maybe build the formats with
> > all the hyphenation packages enabled?
> The intertubes suggest running ‘fmtutil --all’ to get hyphenations
> packages straight.  Is this something we should do in the TeX Live
> profile hook for example?
> Emmanuel, is this what you had in mind when you wrote about compilation
> of hyphenation patterns above?

Indeed !

Doing that is the job of fmtutil and it should be used for building
environments that include parts of TeXlive.


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