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Packaging a django application

From: Raffael Mancini
Subject: Packaging a django application
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2023 22:59:02 +0200 (CEST)

I'm trying to deploy a django application on guix system using nginx as a 
reverse proxy and gunicorn as wsgi server. I have written the prototype of a 
gunicorn service based on the already packaged gunicorn by extending the 
shepherd-service-type. This new service seems to work to some extent and I will 
hopefully be able to submit it as a patch once it's ready. The end goal is a 
simple extensible django-application-service-type that you could extend in 
order to easily deploy any kind of django application.
In order to serve my django application, would the best approach be to just 
create a regular guix package for it and reference it in the gunicorn 
configuration? What's a good method to translate a very long requirements.txt 
file to a guix package? Is there anyone who has done this already? How would 
you deal with the read/write part of the application like uploads or a sqlite3 
database since the store items are read-only?
I was also wondering if it's possible to somehow specify the guix profile used 
in the execution of gunicorn and "abuse" is as a pip replacement. I could thus 
iteratively create a profile with the needed dependencies to run my application 
and then configure the gunicorn daemon to use it.
Thanks for any input on this!

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