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Identifying cause of local package build

From: Skyler
Subject: Identifying cause of local package build
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 21:33:21 +0000


Recently (since at least this past weekend) when I try to `guix system 
reconfigure` or `guix home reconfigure`, my machine tries to do a local build 
of inkscape and ends up failing (I suspect this is due to low resources 
available on my machine as the log simply says that it was killed by a signal, 
but I did not see any compiler errors). My guix config is a little complicated 
(although I only have one custom package, and it is a vim extension which 
declares no inputs) so I am trying to track down the reason for this build. I 
do not have inkscape explicitly installed, so there must be something that 
depends on it.

When I try `guix shell inkscape`, a substitute is downloaded successfully. So I 
assume that there is some inkscape variant that is needed somewhere. I tried to 
find the reason for this with the following:

> guix gc --referrers 
> /gnu/store/j2g2vwf3h1r0pn0l6y95qr4lis5y03h9-inkscape-1.2.1.drv

The only thing that requires this variant of inkscape is dblatex. But `guix 
shell dblatex` also succeeds with only substitute downloads. I checked and the most recent inkscape build on master for my 
architecture succeeded (, but this 
build ran 3 months ago. I tried searching for the derivation hash 
j2g2vwf3h1r0pn0l6y95qr4lis5y03h9 and got no results, but I think that this 
might not be an expected use of the search bar. I also tried deleting the 
~/.cache/guix directory and pulling again, but this resulted in the same 

Is there an efficient way to track down what is causing this inkscape to be 
built, aside from manually running `guix gc --referrers` on every derivation 
until I (hopefully) find something that leads me to the root cause?

My system is:

Generation 38 Apr 28 2023 14:23:04 (current)
guix 4884ee6
repository URL:
branch: master commit: 4884ee6dd4b1694a4a502dd8058d6c61fa0c0199



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