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Use Optimot (variant of Bépo kb layout) with xkblayout tool into guix ho

From: Rey-Coyrehourcq Sébastien
Subject: Use Optimot (variant of Bépo kb layout) with xkblayout tool into guix home ?
Date: Tue, 2 May 2023 18:04:45 +0200
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As many french people i try to use Bépo layout on my keyboard ( ) to prevent "Repetitive Strain Injury".

But if Bépo is great to write text, this is not the case for programming or writing english.

I discover that a variant of Bépo dedicated to correct these problems exist and work very well on many keyboards layout (ortholinear, hhkb, ergo, etc.). This variant of Bépo is named "Optimot" :

This very specific layout is not listed in setxkbmap configuration options, so i search some way to load this layout from my home config.scm

With help of guix/bépo guys I found a xkb layout generator ( already packaged into guix. This tools is named xkb-layout/xkblayout, developped by Peter Hutterer ( ) and it helps the definition of a user defined xkb layout by using the existing xkb integration of the system. So using that i suppose i could load an "Optimot" layout for Gnome.

The package is here : /gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm , and more precisely here :

How i could link/load the xkb layout generated by xkblayout into my guix home "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/xkb" using the Guix system of keyboard described here ?

is it only possible ? Do you have some pointers on your config to do that ?

Bonus : it's seems that works on wayland.



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