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Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"

From: Jaft
Subject: Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"
Date: Sat, 13 May 2023 19:55:15 +0000 (UTC)

Playing around with Guix Home and have, more or less:

> (use-modules (gnu  home)
>              (gnu  home     services)
>              (gnu  home     services   mcron)
>              (gnu  home     services   pm)
>              (gnu  home     services   shells)
>              (gnu  packages)
>              (gnu  packages gnome)
>              (gnu  packages monitoring)
>              (gnu  services)
>              (guix gexp))
> (home-environment
>   ;; Below is the list of packages that will show up in your
>   ;; Home profile, under ~/.guix-home/profile.
>   (packages (list batsignal))
>   ;; Below is the list of Home services.  To search for available
>   ;; services, run 'guix home search KEYWORD' in a terminal.
>   (services (list (simple-service 'some-useful-env-vars-service
>                           home-environment-variables-service-type
>                           '(("QT_QPA_PLATFORM" . "wayland;xcb")
>                                     ("GDK_BACKEND"     . "wayland,x11")))
>                   (service        home-bash-service-type
>                                   (home-bash-configuration
>                                     …))
>                   (simple-service 'pull
>                                   home-mcron-service-type
>                                   ;; Every day at 2 P. M.
>                                   (list #~(job '(next-hour '(14)) "guix 

Without the =mcron= service, running ~guix home reconfigure~ works fine.

But the second I add the service, every reconfigure results in "error: connect: 
/run/user/1000/shepherd/socket: Connection refused". I get a similar behavior 
if I try to use =home-batsignal-service-type=.

Would anyone know the cause for this?

Additionally, =batsignal= doesn't seem to be ending up in my path; do I have to 
add "~/.guix-home/profile/bin/" to my path manually? I would've expected Guix 
Home to take care of that, for me, automatically.

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