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Re: Message by a novice

From: 宋文武
Subject: Re: Message by a novice
Date: Sun, 14 May 2023 14:58:34 +0800
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anguriamelone--- via <> writes:

> Hi to everyone.
> I am a novice in GNU Guix, so far I used Trisquel GN-Linux 9.0.2
> (i686), but at the end of April the support for the i686 version has
> been discontinued.

Hello, while not abandoned, i686 support in Guix is not well maintained.
Which means less packages are available compare to x86_64, and require
more time build (and maybe fixing) packages yourself instead of download
prebuilt ones ('substitutes' in guix terms).

> I would like to know what are the basic command lines corresponding to
> those of Trisquel GNU-Linux below:

I'll give a quick answer, more info can be find in the guix manual and
online videos.

> sudo apt update

guix package --upgrade

> sudo apt upgrade

guix pull

> sudo apt install (package name)

guix package --install

> sudo apt remove --purge (package name)

guix package --remove

> sudo apt search (package name)

guix search

> sudo apt autoremove
> sudo apt purge
> sudo apt autoclean
> sudo apt clean

guix package --delete-generations
guix gc

Underhood, it's very different to apt, see the manual for details.

Hope this will help!

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