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Re: Message by a novice

From: (
Subject: Re: Message by a novice
Date: Sun, 14 May 2023 08:59:03 +0100

anguriamelone--- via <> writes:
> I am a novice in GNU Guix, so far I used Trisquel GN-Linux 9.0.2 (i686), but 
> at the end of April the support for the i686 version has been discontinued. 
> Nevertheless I want to continue using free (as in freedom) software and, 
> getting set to install the iso image, if I don't ask for too muchas an 
> abosulte beginner, I would like to know what are the basic command lines 
> corresponding to those of Trisquel GNU-Linux below:


The problem here is that Guix is not your average package manager, so
not everything will automatically correspond:

> sudo apt update

``guix pull'' (note: *no sudo*) which updates both guix itself and its
package collection (found in the same repo).

> sudo apt upgrade

``guix upgrade'' for user packages, if you're using the ``guix package''
style of package management.  ``sudo guix system reconfigure
/etc/config.scm'' for system packages, which essentially updates and
recreates your entire system from the manifest that is found by default
at ``/etc/config.scm''.
> sudo apt install (package name)

``guix install'' or ``guix package -i'' (the former is an alias for the
latter) for user packages if you're using the ``guix package`` style of
package management, or editing ``/etc/config.scm'' and reconfiguring as
above for system packages.

> sudo apt remove --purge (package name)

There's not really a way to do ``--purge'', but if you do ``guix
remove'' or ``guix package -r'', or reconfigure after removing a package
from ``/etc/config.scm'', and then do ``guix gc'', it'll remove all
unused files (specifically, it removes everything in ``/gnu/store'' that
isn't used in any guix 'profiles').

> sudo apt search (package name)

``guix search''.

> sudo apt autoremove

Removing packages from any profiles will also remove unused
dependencies, but will not delete them from the store.  ``guix gc'' will
remove unused store items.

> sudo apt purge
> sudo apt autoclean
> sudo apt clean
>    Thanks for the attention and kind regards.
>                   Piriponzolo

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