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first experience with XFCE

From: Gottfried
Subject: first experience with XFCE
Date: Mon, 15 May 2023 13:36:28 +0000

 because Cinnamon and KDE are not available
and MATE, also Enlightenment doesn’t work well on my laptop with additional monitor
I installed XFCE

In XFCE it is impossible to put my additonal monitor on top of the laptop.
After may be 30 attempts I somehow managed,
but after starting my laptop again,
it was changed to left and right.
XFCE manages only to have the monitor left or right of the laptop,
not at the top or (I guess bottom).

After trying again to put the monitor on top of the laptop
the system collapsed completely
I had to restart the laptop.

So that’s an Info.

But the good thing is that XFCE immediately recognises my additional monitor, connected via cable to the laptop.

Kind regards


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