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Re: Howto reference a custom package from a manifest

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: Howto reference a custom package from a manifest
Date: Fri, 19 May 2023 18:15:08 +0200


On jeu., 18 mai 2023 at 02:51, Timothy Washington <> wrote:

> It's definition is
> (define-public rust-rustscan-2
>   (package
>     (name "rust-rustscan")
>     (version "2.1.1")
>     ...))
> But I'm getting a failure when trying to reference it in a local profile,
> using specifications->manifest
> A. How do I get more detail on the error, in order to troubleshoot. --debug
> isn't yielding anything
> B. How do I make rust-rustscan (my custom build of a rust package),
> available in a global profile.

Well, from my understanding, the failure is because Guix is not able to
find the module where your custom package is defined.  And you have
various options, I think.

 1. Via the option --load-path
 2. Via a channel
    a) Using “guix pull”
    b) Using “guix time-machine”

1. Let say your custom package is defined in a Guile module located to
path/to/your/custom/package.scm, then,

    guix package -L path/to/your/custom/package.scm \
         -m guix/packages/manifest.scm

should do the job.

Give a look at:

2. If this path/to/your/custom is turned into a Git repository, i.e., a
channel, then you can add to some channels.scm file and then run:

    guix pull -C channels.scm

but I suggest instead to run,

    guix time-machine -C channels.scm \
         -- package -m guix/packages/manifest.scm

Last, you can put this channels.scm under ~/.config/guix and then “guix
pull” will load automatically.

Give a look at:

Hope that helps,

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