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Re: first experience with XFCE

From: Christian Gelinek
Subject: Re: first experience with XFCE
Date: Sat, 20 May 2023 11:30:37 +0000

On 17/5/23 12:04, Gottfried wrote:

I am wondering why you can  with your laptops in XFCE put monitors on top of each other,

but I can’t do that.

It simply doesn’t work.

Sorry for the late response, I'm also not exactly sure why it does work for me but not for you. There are many moving parts, starting from the hardware, drivers and all the way up to how we install our packages.

Since I'm no expert (I wish I had Felix Lechner's knowledge of the X internals), I tend to keep things I don't know well as close to "default" as I can while trying to adapt them to my needs.

I have attached my /etc/config.scm, maybe you can find some relevant differences to yours.

One thing in particular that I've experienced with Guix is that some packages behave differently if you install them into your user profile vs. your system configuration and I had to move some packages into /etc/config.scm for them to integrate properly into my desktop environment.

Here is a screenshot of my Display settings page that can be found inside the Settings Manager (xfce4-settings-manager):

It shows both screens and how they are located relative to each other - I simply dragged the external monitor where I wanted it to be. I never had to touch xrandr Felix mentioned by hand directly, so I guess I'm lucky that it "just works" for me.

Do you have that settings page? If so, what does it show?

In the past it has happened to me sometimes that the switch next to the drop-down list of screens on the top-right is turned "off" for a screen for some reason and I had to turn it on, also I sometimes had to disable the "Mirror displays" checkbox so both screens work independently from each other.

Hope that helps!

Kind regards,

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