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Shepherd 0.10: Attempt to suspend fiber within continuation barrier

From: David Conner
Subject: Shepherd 0.10: Attempt to suspend fiber within continuation barrier
Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 11:25:31 -0400

I was in the middle of writing an email to the list. I
was capturing strace logs, etc, but I wasn't able to send them. Since
either shepherd or xsession starts my xdg-desktop-portal, i can't send
attachments with Thunderbird or a browser. I've pulled it off my laptop and
I've attached everything that's relevant, but I can't quite remember the
context of everything.

I can't seem to get shepherd 0.10 to work. it just won't load modules where
I've defined services and it fails with errors about continuation

#f "Attempt to suspend fiber within continuation barrier" () #f

I can attach my system configuration if necessary. I was having some issues
and it seemed that the `guile-fibers` dependency wasn't available to
shepherd, so I added that to my system configuration, but I think that was
a red herring.

I've tried everything I can think of. I don't fully understand how Guix
starts X11 via GDM. This has been the source of intermittent problems,
including not being able to consistently find logs whether using slim or
GDM. So I think I'm just going to migrate to Sway and Guix Home.  I hope
that by setting up Guix Home, I will obviate the problems of loading
shepherd services.

I'm still interested in invoking shepherd manually as a means of spawning
IPC Management. I took a look at the shepherd test scripts and I learned
quite a bit about old-school Unix-style IPC.

I hope to have git-send-email set up soon. I have a token, but I need to
configure everything in emails to allow GNUS to send (instead of just read).


David C.

an untranslatable pulsar for your epistemic constellations

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