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to save my Guix System installation

From: Gottfried
Subject: to save my Guix System installation
Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 10:50:40 +0000


I have on one harddisk Guix installed,
on a second harddisk GNUinOS.

I want to reinstall GNUinOS

and may be later on the same harddisk,
on which Guix resides, reduce the size of the harddisk
and install Trisquel on a second partition on it.

To be on the save side
I would like to copy... my Guix to a separate harddisk
in order not to loose it.

So that I can in the worst case replace it/I don’t know what to call it

What are the options.

I was reading the cookbook, but the procedure is not clear to me.

What are the commands to copy/replicate my Guix System installation
to an external harddisk (via USB connected) and later in case
recopy it.

Kind regards


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