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Re: Identifying cause of local package build

From: Eugen Stan
Subject: Re: Identifying cause of local package build
Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 22:47:07 +0300
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I would also check the size of /tmp partition.
I build of iced-tea / openjdk was failing because it was running out of disk on /tmp.

guix-daemon builds packages in /tmp .
Some packages need a lot of disk to build.
In my case I had to increase /tmp to 7.5 GB until the build passed.
This was visible in the error log and the same issues was happening on substitute servers (build was failing with this issue).


On 25.05.2023 21:31, Simon Tournier wrote:

On mer., 24 mai 2023 at 20:56, Skyler Ferris via <> wrote:

the packages in my system configuration into a manifest and ran `guix weather`
against it, and it said that only 85% of packages have substitutes available.
I had assumed that substitutes should be available

Yeah, some process requires some improvements.  Hopefully, the CI and
tooling is improving daily. :-)


Eugen Stan

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