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Re: Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"

From: David Conner
Subject: Re: Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 09:25:46 -0400
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Sorry for the duplicate messages. I'm still getting Gnus configured and
getting used to everything. I didn't realize there was a difference
between a reply and a followup.

Did you ever resolve this?

I think I may be getting a similar error as you, but I'm not running
Guix Home yet.

I've attached strace logs in the issue I submitted.

I'm not sure how you would get logging for Shepherd from within Guix
Home. You could isolate things and test launching Shepherd by writing an
=init.scm= and trying to start the services manually, but to do so,
you'd have to create a Guix Profile with the binaries required for
launching Shepehrd.

I'm starting shepherd from inside .xsession and testing it with:

=shepherd -s test.sock -c test.scm -l test.log

I can usually get the =mcron= service to start. Really, I think I can
get a single service to start, but if I try to load anything more than
that, I'm getting:

#f "Attempt to suspend fiber within continuation barrier" () #f

As part of moving towards Guix Home, I created a system definition for
wayland/sway, but even there, I was getting the error. And now think
about it, I'm running the =/run/current-ssytem/profile/bin/shepherd=
binary, so maybe if I bundle this in with a user profile, it will work.

David Conner

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