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Re: Adding PolicyKit actions

From: Robby Zambito
Subject: Re: Adding PolicyKit actions
Date: Tue, 30 May 2023 14:21:27 -0400
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Robby Zambito <> writes:

> ```
> (service polkit-service-type
>        (polkit-configuration
>         (actions (list
>                   (plain-file "org.spice-space.lowlevelusbaccess.policy"
>                                    "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
> <!DOCTYPE policyconfig PUBLIC
>           \"-//freedesktop//DTD PolicyKit Policy Configuration 1.0//EN\"
> \"\";>
> <policyconfig>
>   <vendor>The Spice Project</vendor>
>   <vendor_url></vendor_url>
>   <icon_name>spice</icon_name>
>   <action id=\"org.spice-space.lowlevelusbaccess\">
>     <description>Low level USB device access</description>
>     <message>Privileges are required for low level USB device access (for usb 
> device pass through).</message>
>     <defaults>
>       <allow_any>yes</allow_any>
>       <allow_inactive>no</allow_inactive>
>       <allow_active>yes</allow_active>
>     </defaults>
>   </action>
> </policyconfig>")))))
> ```

Follow up on this: I am able to evaluate this `service` expression in
`guix repl`. I am also able to use `,lower` and `,build` on the
`plain-file` in the REPL. Building the system with an empty list for the
actions works.

Maybe this is a bug? It seems like this is the correct way to configure
polkit actions from what I can find.

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