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Project Documentation Workflow

From: Peter Polidoro
Subject: Project Documentation Workflow
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2023 10:18:56 -0400
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I am looking for advice about the best way to create a documentation workflow for my projects. Maybe using Guix is the best way to solve this, maybe not.

I have a set of projects with a common theme, say each project is a circuit board that I have designed. Each project has its own git repository, containing the project files and channel.scm and guix.scm files to create reproducible development environments.

For each of these projects, I would like automatically generate project documentation. Some of the documentation information will be the same for all projects, some will be specific to each project.

For the information that is common to all projects, I want to be able to store that in a single location so each project can reference it and have access to the latest updates.

For information that is specific to each project, I want to store that inside each project directory.

I could solve this using Git tools, such as submodules or subtrees perhaps. I could have a repository that is the documentation skeleton and each project repository would have a reference to that skeleton repository. Then I would probably need to write some script to combine the local project files with the skeleton files to generate the specific project documentation.

I am wondering if a better approach might be to create a Guix package containing the documentation skeleton and each project inherits that package and applies local changes before generating the project documentation. I have not yet used Guix home, but perhaps that can be used for projects as well as home directories for such tasks?

Do any of you do anything similar and have any advice about the best way to organize such a set of project repositories with shared information? Thanks!

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