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Re: Encrypted install in VM stuck in GRUB

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Encrypted install in VM stuck in GRUB
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 13:55:25 -0400
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Le 14 septembre 2023 12:41:53 GMT-04:00, David Lecompte <> a 
écrit :
>> > Now, I need to find out how to change [the keyboard layout to type the
>> > passphrase in GRUB], and also to make it so that I can retype the
>> > passphrase without going to a grub rescue prompt.
>> We could track this as two separated Guix bugs, if they haven't already
>> been reported. 
>I found for the keyboard layout issue for
>the decryption passphrase in grub and also
>which is making a suggestion about how to address it.
>I could not find any existing issue for being able to retype the decryption
>passphrase in grub without going to the grub rescue prompt. Should I send an
>email to bug-guix for that?

Thanks for researching passed issues! Yes, please ooen a newly issue for the 
decryption passphrase retry. Maybe such an issue also exists in the GRUB bug 
tracker; if so we can cross-reference them


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