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Re: GuixSD on T440p won't boot or install properly / missing free softwa

From: Kodcu
Subject: Re: GuixSD on T440p won't boot or install properly / missing free software ... nouveau ...
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2023 13:24:46 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Alex,
Indeed, I had an encrypted disk. So I have just quickly reinstalled Guix 
without encryption and it works even though I received the same error messages 
and warning. I have bought this laptop to run any free Linux OS but I intended 
to use Guix especially. I will update the system and check errors later.
Thanks :)
 Verzonden met Tutanota, veel plezier met beveiligde en advertentievrije 

30 sep 2023 10:30 van

> Hi Kodcu et al,
> I actually used the same laptop and have just bought a replacement. Believe 
> it or not it should actually work really well - but there is this weird quirk:
> Just after grub, but before the graphical login manager loads, the screen 
> fails to render.
> This is not a problem if all goes well and you don't have an encrypted disk 
> that requires unlocking: the process should just take you to the graphical 
> login. If early boot i broken then this is horrible.
> On the other hand, if, like me, you have an encrypted disk, the boot process 
> will get "stuck" at the password prompt with the grey grub background. Wait 
> 10 sec or so for your system to expect a password, then type it, and hit 
> enter. In another 10 sec or so you'll get to graphical login - if you entered 
> your password correctly.
> A while ago on this list someone mentioned a similar problem and that it was 
> caused by a missing module in the initrd img or so. That might fix the issue 
> entirely, but I just considered this extra "security through mad UI"...
> Could this be your issue? Does my workaround help?
> Best wishes
> Alex
> Je 2023-septembro-30 01:08:22 GMT+02:00, Felix Lechner via 
> <> skribis:
> >Hi Kodcu,
> >On Sat, Sep 30 2023, Kodcu via wrote:
>>> Any ideas what to do? 
> >I haven't used it in a while, but maybe you can get into single-user
> >mode with the kernel parameter "single".
> >For more desparate cases, "init=/bin/sh" can be helpful.
> >Kind regards
> >Felix

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