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Re: -v, --verbosity=LEVEL use the given verbosity LEVEL

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: -v, --verbosity=LEVEL use the given verbosity LEVEL
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 18:16:22 -0400
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"jgart" <> writes:

>> 1 is for quiet output; 2 is similar to 1 but it additionally displays 
>> download URLs; 
>> it additionally displays
> I think it is confusing to use the word "additionally" here as there is 
> nothing that we know about the quiet output for the description that let's us 
> then conceptualize what will be added to it.
> In other words, level 1 should be described with more detail than "1 is for 
> quiet output". 
> What should we expect to see in the content of verbosity level 1 in general.
> I would have to find the time to conduct some empirical usages with the 
> --verbosity flag to answer that question succinctly and in the general across 
> guix subcommands beyond just describing it as "quiet output".
> WDYT, nitpick? maybe/maybenot

I agree it can be improved, but I'd also have to read the code to know
what each level exactly do.

I think it could make things simpler to use nouns for the level, as they
could mean something without having to be explained to verbosely, e.g.:

debug (very verbose)
info (include some extra messages)
warning (warnings and errors -- the default level)
error (errors only)

Basically like what the levels of the 'logging' Python library are
expected to do, which the logging library included with guile-lib is
inspired by.


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