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Re: Evolution can't connect to mail server

From: Caleb Herbert
Subject: Re: Evolution can't connect to mail server
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2023 12:34:07 -0700 (PDT)

Luis Felipe <> wrote ..
> As Roman suggests, installing the package "evolution-data-server" should
> fix the problem.

I added "evolution-data-server" to my list of packages in my home configuration 
and got an error while trying to reconfigure:

Loading /gnu/store/2hwp7i1xn24rlsnwmcc8hpbdynznv4an-shepherd.conf.
herd: error: exception caught while executing 'load' on service 'root':
In procedure fport_write: Input/output error
Comparing /gnu/store/3jphbp9sisp54nshd8dimrnn4lks3p4d-home/profile/share/fonts 
/gnu/store/3jphbp9sisp54nshd8dimrnn4lks3p4d-home/profile/share/fonts... done 
Evaluating on-change gexps.

On-change gexps evaluation finished.

I installed it manually with `guix install`. I get a new error in Evolution.

Error while Retrieving folder list for “”.

Source “” doesn’t support prompt for credentials

> Personally, I add this package to my system
> configuration because other GNOME apps also depend on it to work
> correctly (e.g. GNOME Calendar).
> I don't know/remember why "evolution-data-server" is not installed as
> part of "gnome-desktop", but this is a known issue. See:

This should really be fixed...

Sorry if I'm being overly critical. I come from Fedora, where things are 
heavily polished.


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