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Re: Evolution can't connect to mail server

From: Luis Felipe
Subject: Re: Evolution can't connect to mail server
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2023 14:34:27 +0000
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El 5/10/23 a las 19:34, Caleb Herbert escribió:
Luis Felipe <> wrote ..
As Roman suggests, installing the package "evolution-data-server" should
fix the problem.
I added "evolution-data-server" to my list of packages in my home configuration 
and got an error while trying to reconfigure:

Loading /gnu/store/2hwp7i1xn24rlsnwmcc8hpbdynznv4an-shepherd.conf.
herd: error: exception caught while executing 'load' on service 'root':
In procedure fport_write: Input/output error
Comparing /gnu/store/3jphbp9sisp54nshd8dimrnn4lks3p4d-home/profile/share/fonts 
/gnu/store/3jphbp9sisp54nshd8dimrnn4lks3p4d-home/profile/share/fonts... done 
Evaluating on-change gexps.

On-change gexps evaluation finished.
Hmm, I can't help with this one, I don't use guix home yet.
I installed it manually with `guix install`. I get a new error in Evolution.

Error while Retrieving folder list for “”.

Source “” doesn’t support prompt for credentials

But this one sounds like a problem with the source (?); maybe you need to modify Evolution settings to query the service in another way (?).

If Evolution gives you too much trouble, though, I'd recommend using Icedove instead. I've been using it for a long time and have had a good experience with it.

Personally, I add this package to my system
configuration because other GNOME apps also depend on it to work
correctly (e.g. GNOME Calendar).

I don't know/remember why "evolution-data-server" is not installed as
part of "gnome-desktop", but this is a known issue. See:
This should really be fixed...

Sorry if I'm being overly critical. I come from Fedora, where things are 
heavily polished.

I understand the frustration. In some areas related to desktop computing, moving from Fedora, or any other similar distribution, to the Guix System can feel like a downgrade. But that's usually because Guix works in a different way, and there are new challenges when it comes to incorporating certain software into the whole system, not to mention that the volunteer personnel is scarce (although tremendously helpful).

Anyway, I hope you find solutions.


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