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Re: Guix Home: SSH won't ask for GPG password

From: Caleb Herbert
Subject: Re: Guix Home: SSH won't ask for GPG password
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 18:35:17 -0700 (PDT)

Maxim Cournoyer <> wrote ..
> What do you mean by "still" ?  It must have worked at some point?  What
> changed in your configuration?

I don't know when it last worked. I think it stopped working when I added a 

Here is my full config:

;; This "home-environment" file can be passed to 'guix home reconfigure'
;; to reproduce the content of your profile.  This is "symbolic": it only
;; specifies package names.  To reproduce the exact same profile, you also
;; need to capture the channels being used, as returned by "guix describe".
;; See the "Replicating Guix" section in the manual.

(use-modules (gnu home)
             (gnu packages)
             (gnu packages gnupg)
             (gnu services)
             (guix gexp)
             (gnu home services shells)
             (gnu home services gnupg))

  ;; Below is the list of packages that will show up in your
  ;; Home profile, under ~/.guix-home/profile.
 (packages (specifications->packages (list "emacs"

  ;; Below is the list of Home services.  To search for available
  ;; services, run 'guix home search KEYWORD' in a terminal.
   (list (service home-bash-service-type
                   (aliases '(("grep" . "grep --color=auto") ("ll" . "ls -l")
                              ("ls" . "ls -p --color=auto")))
                   (bashrc (list (local-file ".bashrc" "bashrc")))
                   (bash-profile (list (local-file ".bash_profile"
         (service home-gpg-agent-service-type
                    (file-append pinentry "/bin/pinentry"))
                   (ssh-support? #t))))))

caleb@bender ~$ guix describe
Generation 1    Oct 04 2023 20:25:40    (current)
  guix 20df2ee
    repository URL:
    branch: master
    commit: 20df2ee697bb5057a476a926a363d71cc8944c84
caleb@bender ~$ 


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