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Cuirass remote worker is stuck building with 1 core

From: Parnikkapore
Subject: Cuirass remote worker is stuck building with 1 core
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2023 09:14:25 +0800
User-agent: Evolution 3.44.4-0ubuntu2

I noticed that the Cuirass remote worker in my channel-building VM only builds 
things with 1 core, despite me having configured Guix to use multiple cores per 

# Reproduction instructions

On a multi-core QEMU VM running Guix System with a Cuirass setup, run the 
following command:

cuirass remote-worker -w 1
This will result in the message "starting 1 workers (parallelism: 1 cores)".

# Expected output

The remote worker tries to build with the number of cores specified in 
guix-daemon's --cores. That, or $(nproc).

It should be noted that my bare-metal foreign distro install correctly selects 
$(nproc)-core parallelism. However, I have created multiple QEMU VMs running 
Guix System, and they all reproduce this bug.

# Appendix

## channels.scm

(list (channel
        (name 'guix)
        (url "";)
        (branch "master")
              "BBB0 2DDF 2CEA F6A8 0D1D  E643 A2A0 6DF2 A33A 54FA")))))

## repro script

cd "$(dirname "$0")" | exit
guix time-machine -C ./channels.scm -- shell cuirass -- sh -c 'sudo $(which 
cuirass) remote-server --no-publish -c /tmp/cuirass-cache & sudo $(which 
cuirass) remote-worker -w 1'

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